What's going on?

Geekcon projects - how are you going to participate?

project (Wikipedia): "project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product or service. Temporary means that the project has an end date. Unique means that the project's end result is different than the results of other functions of the organization."

Geekcon is all about your projects. It can be a project you already did and want to show and talk about, it can be a half baked one that you want to complete with your fella geeks during geekcon or it can be an idea (like "the invisible handle" in geekcon 2005!)

Have some cool links you think can inspire? Edit the list to the right! 

IMPORTANT! Many projects are pending suggestions, which means they are awaiting participants to be launched (either at the camp or beforehand). That means that if you want a project to actually take place - add yourself to the participants list to indicate your interest. Please be active not passive!

Tangible Kabuki

The TangibLaptop is a collaborative electronic music instrument with a laptop tangible multi-touch interface built by the GarageGeeks. inspired by the reactable http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ReacTable

Taking it one step further, instead of using physical small hand size objects, YOU will be the players in a musical part by wearing masks. Together, we will create a musical part where you can take part by wearing fiducial masks detected by the Tangible laptop.

how to participate in the show?
send me (rafaelmizrahi@gmail.com) a picture of yourself 150x150 pixels (or any image that you want to appear with) and an mp3 file (no more than 8 seconds) with your musical part. for example, your musical part can be a voice sample like james brown shout or any music sample.

Participating: Rafael Mizrahi, Dani Vardi, Eyal "Person", Tal Yaniv, Ayelet Yagil and you all


 Social bookmarking wearable devices


Description: Taking the social tagging and bookmarking out to the physical world of real people.
You see someone you like, just click the button and Digg it.

Participating: Rafael Mizrahi

Equipment: Digg button kit by Limor Fried.

More info: 





Until we'll find a way to produce a real light saber, we'll have to settle for less...

The VirtuaSaber is the 1st project that we know of that combines the wiimote with the eyetoy to give you a virtual light saber, we'll see where this takes us and what else can be done with the combination of these 2 cool technologies (wiimote and eyetoy).

Participating: Yariv Bash (mailto:yariv@bash.co.il), Achi Krauz, Naama Levi and Michal Geva, Oded Sharon (i got 2 wiimotes i can bring), Avital Yachin, OriB

Equipment: USB Cam, Wiimote, Projector, fast computer and a zip file with 50 different lightsaber sounds.

Needed: Good USB2 webcam - 30 FPS, 640X480 at least (anyone has higher FPS than that ?). Someone who knows how to create live 3D objects/figures and interact with it - we want to have a "real" fight with a virtual figure - like Mortal Combat etc. Think about sword fighting with a sithFog/smoke machine and leds - may work better than a projector to show the saber beam. Anyone has access to a fog/smoke machine?

Radio Ga-Ga 

This project is called "Radio Ga-Ga" and just like Queen's song, it's all about radio's past glory and how it should be restored.

We start with an old 1940's style "Airline" radio (that belonged to urig's grandfather). Sadly, as the pictures show, it has fallen into a state of neglect and is no longer in working condition.

SP_A0325 SP_A0326

The project is to restore the radio both externally and internally, possibly combining its old technology with new computer based radio technology!

Externally, the plan is to make the radio look exactly as it did when it was originally bought - cleaning and refinishing the wooden box, upholstering the speaker and restoring the knobs and dials on its front.

Internally there are two options for restoration:

  • Option 1 - To repair the old - vacuum tube based! - circuitry, replacing specific parts that cannot be repaired. This will give the radio AM and shortwave reception capabilities.
  • Option 2 - To replace the radio's innards with a PC motherboard and peripherals, enabling it to serve as an AM/FM tuner with standard RCA output.


SP_A0327 SP_A0330

We are now "hiring"! :)  Everyone is welcome to join - we are particularly seeking members with experience in electronics. 

Participants: Uri Goldstein


Project Cyclib - The Cyclops Librarian

In ancient Greek mythology, the Cyclibs were legendary Cyclop Librarians - a race of benevolent one eyed giants. With their one keen eye they would catalog and organize huge volumes of books and scrolls and almost instantly retrieve them. Most famous was the Cyclib of Alexandria who served king Ptolmey II from the deep recesses of the world's most fabulous library!

Inspired by this history, the Cyclib project aims to provide modern day users with an easy tool to quickly catalog their book collections! Using a single eye - a plain webcam - a user will scan the ISBN barcodes from the back of of her books and have them immediately added to her online book catalog.

To achieve this, we will "mashup" barcopedia.com's free webcam-based barcode scanner with an online book catalog service like LibraryThing or Shelfari. If the project is successfull we wil release it to the public as open source, for everyone to easily catalog their books on the web - further promoting the free dispersement of data online and bringing us one step closer to our ultimate goal of TAKING OVER THE WORLD! <bru-ha-ha-ha!>

Participants: Uri Goldstein

Materials: Ye plain olde webcam. A laptop computer. Books.


Rube Goldberg Machine - The Poke-a-Pulver 2000 (TM)




 A Rube Goldberg machine is a complicated contraption that performs a very simple task, in a very complex manner. (e.g - Poke Jeff Pulver)

We plan to build a one in GeekCon. To accomplish this task, we'll need volunteers, who'll help us build it, and everyday household objects, and some very geeky object that we can use to chain the action of the machine from one step to another. Dominos, railroad tracks, stuff that roll balls, tubes, pipes, stuff that burn, wires. A Rube Goldberg machine will only be as good as the stuff you'll bring for it.

We'll setup a time for it's activation so everyone could witness 

Organizers: Oded Sharon ( geekcon _At_ Odedsharon dot com ), Hagai Jacobson 

Participants:  Raz Berman, Ziv Omer


Accordion Hero


Creator: Oded Sharon


Originally built at the Garage Geeks(tm) Keyboard hacking workshop.

My goal is to improve Accordion Hero, and create Accordion Hero II With new fretures:

Fret detection : detect opening and closing of the accordion using a pressure sensor (or a pc speaker).

Polka song: arrange songs for "Frets on fire" to include Weird Al Yancoivk, Hebrew folk songs, and other polka.

Hardware Debugging : fix certain wiring and soldering that causes it to stop working every now and again. 

Free play: Play Accordion Hero as much as you want.


Communication Device Detection Device (CDDD)

(AKA Where's my #$@ cellphone??)


You are late for an important meeting and you can't find your cellphone. Is it under the sofa? did the dog eat it?  Where IS it?

Sounds familiar, huh? 

Well, no more. We will construct a WiDAR and/or a BTDAR, which is in concept a device similar to a RADAR, only it uses Bluetooth/Wi-Fi signals to detect the missing cellphone and point us at the right direction. Bonus points for "getting hotter/colder" sound bites, more bonus points for cool sonar-like pings, so we look cool while looking for our phone.

(Yes, we can dial our phone from another one, but it would be less exciting to do so).

Participating: Shachar Tal, Gil Shai, <add yourself here>

People wanted: Electronics guys which can help us rig the CDDD to be a small device (rather than a laptop). 

Equipment wanted: BT/WiFi receivers which at least provide SNR, and maybe direction to transmitter. Phones to detect. Hide them within 30 feet of us!


KnockNock - Tap Your password!


KnockNock project - Passwords recognized as tapping with your fingers on the laptop.

The project will use the accelerometers found in various IBM ThinkPads to collect data from the user. It's first use will be to allow the user to enter passwords as a series of taps on the laptop. instead of remembering random characters , the user will just have to remember and tap their favorite short tune.

Knocknock will be able to distinguish different users tapping the same tune based on tap strength and angle(hopefully).  

Participants: (Roy Osherove (initiator), Zvi Devir  (sounds interesting), type your name here)

Print-on-Demand Classics of Hebrew Literature

The idea is to make a print-on-demand station (preferably mobile, so we can cart it around to serve the campers, who are undoubtedly hungry for classics of Hebrew literature on fresh paper ;)) delivering content from the Project Ben-Yehuda text repository (at http://benyehuda.org -- it is the Hebrew equivalent of http://www.gutenberg.org)

It should involve a simple user interface offering works by different authors, a printer, and any number of features we want/have time for -- pagination/font/size customization, a recommendation engine, etc.

Participants: Asaf Bartov (initiator, founder of benyehuda.org), type your name here)

Air Conditioning Belt- A wearable cooling device!

A wearable belt, made out of tubes filled with high pressure gas, and a valve for gas release. When the valve is opened, the gas expends into the user's pants and shirt- cooling him in the process.. As well as making him COOLER.

Bring gas lighter refiller tanks, and get a free cool ride while everyone else is baking in the sun. 

Participants: Nimrod Rotem, Itai Preis


Investible - The Vest That Makes You Invisible!

(or: A Hole in One)

The investible is a vest which enables people in front of you to see what's behind you, effectively rendering your partially invisible.  It is implemented using an LCD screen (or laptop) that is worn in the front, and a video camera that is mounted in the back.  The video of the scene behind the wearer is sent to the LCD display, thus enabling viewers to see through you. 

The next step (if we have time) is to add a tracking device that tracks the position (viewpoint) of the person in front of you, and turns the camera accordingly.

Participants: Dror Gill, Eden (bringing a vest!) - and desparately needing more people with SW/HW/Mechanical skills.

SongWiki - Collaborative Song Creation

The SongWiki is a project that started as a one-off activity at MuseNet.  On the MuseNet SongWiki page, people collaborated wiki-style in writing a song together.

The purpose of the GeekCon SongWiki project is to expand this concept into a full social networking portal, where people can get help each other in writing songs.  Someone can write a few lines, several verses or even only the song title, and other people can come in and add their own lines, modify the existing ones, and make the song even better.  Site features will include sorting the SongWikis by popularity, rating, genres, etc; Searching for specific songs by lyrics, authors, etc; Building groups of people that work together on several SongWikis; and more ideas that may come to mind.



Participants: Dror Gill, Jeff Pulver, Amit Shafrir, Gilad Zirkel and Ehud Hogeg.  More people with Web/Wiki programming skills are welcome to join.

Lee Eden - I can help with the web programming. 

Oded Sharon - me too.

Tali Poliak - I can help with an Oracle Enterprise Search product on my laptop ready to use
(It is an out of the box text engine and content management tool)


The Blog2Song project will take key blog posts, extract their essential messages, and turn them into easy-to-digest songs.  Each song will link back to the original blog post, and the blogger will be notified that "his blog has been songed" with a link to the song.  You can see an example here

Hopefully, we will be able to create some media buzz around this [apparently useless] project, and start a new Web trend...

Participants: Dror Gill, Jeff Pulver, Amit Shafrir, Liron Lev, Ayelet Yagil


All In One Printer, Copier, Scanner,Fax,Sheredder

Now after the Heftziba, Enron,....... there is a new corporate solution for reducing the workload when getting bankrupt. HP, Epson, Canon please watch out !!! Y2Work is working in a solution that will scan, Pring and then shred a paper all at once. The end of fileing papers in one the way. Stay tuned.

And if we'll manage it will include an AI engine that will know what to shredd :)

Project page : Project AiO (All in one) 

Participants: Yariv Nachshon and ...... ?

Requests : All in one printer? (I've the shreder)


Emotional Attachment

Ever had a bag full of things you forget? Want to leave the premise with all your belongings? your mobile phone, your purse, your notebook, your lipstick..?

****** A bag that knows it's got all it's content****************

Using an RFID reader (hopefully!) inserted in a bag, and adding nicely designed badges to all your belonging, your bag will notify you that it's ready to go.

Notification (nice to have, but not a must) : and here we really need some good techies: the bag handles will be retracted (short lenght) and only once all the stuff is in the bag they will pull out to full length so the bag can be carried around.

Participants: Amit Knaani, Shahar Ron, Maya Lotan

Requests :RFID reader, RFID badges, someone who an help with some electronics. 

 ****** this an be really cool.. if it works well.. so we need all help we can get***************


 Idea generator - Time is ripe to implement this noble idea. Our brain, as you already surely knows - has its limits.  Sometime-somewhere in the 16 century a new technology was born: Ideas generator's enabled technology. The inventor - forgot his name..created a simple paper device which helped people by enabling them combining various options in the device. Now this "sky is the limit" technology is only a beginning. The project i'm looking for is an AI program which will provide us only with projects that can be implemented five (5) years from now! Naturally I'm looking for AI and Software engineering skilled guys...  (ami: abenba at gmail)




GeekKit - Kit for the Geek Conference Goer

You know how it is - packing your stuff for another exhausting yet crucial conference, putting on your best novelty T-Shirt and vintage sneakers. But wait! Suddenly a flashback from previous conferences: the burning sensation on your thighs from an overheated laptop from live blogging, the pack of wacky business cards from people you have no idea who they are (though they're big on giving "Solutions"). You cringe as you recall the red wine you spilled on the VC's silk tie when attempting to balance your buffet plate and glass while shaking his hand. Ugh.


This is where GeekKit comes in: the service pack you REALLY needed.

The kit will include:

  • A lightweight, totable laptop rest made of foam. The laptop rest is to be used while sitting down, when a desk is not available. It has a flat top and two cylindric grooves to fit the thighs so it will remain stable. The material will enable the ventilation of the CPU.
  • Business card input aggregator: A wi-fi camera to capture and read business cards, to be compartmentalized later on. Furthermore, you can record distinctive features of the card giver and deliver them to yourself through MMS, to remind you more easily who you have met ("this is Moshe, Dill's friend with the weird buckteeth").
  • Clip on wineglass holder, fits on any porcelain dinner plate, to enable you to keep your right hand free for shaking during conference buffets
  • Personalized LED badge for yourself and/or your organization: Create your own pattern and be able to identify your pals in a crowded exhibition hall. Same badge in tag form for your laptop and luggage, to avoid confusion with others.

Participating: Ayelet Yagil 

Needed: People with engineering skills for the laptop rest and wineglass clipon. Techies for the LEDs.

Materials: Everything, basically. Plastic foam material (like the lining of a bicycle helmet), LEDS.

The Loch Ness Porcupine

A small scale installation



What if we could bring the Loch Ness monster to Geek-Con?

- We would put it inside a small water tank and let people interact with it.

Brave visitors will approach and maybe touch it. Others will observe and explore remotely.

- And the monster itself?  - It will probably explore us too.

If we’re hectic – it will be scared. Or nervous. Or maybe frightening and aggressive.

But if we’re friendly and calm – it may become friendly too. Maybe even playful.



Tech view:

We'll be using ferromagnetic ink, electromagnets, micro controllers and sensors / a video camera.



Arnon Yaar & Idan Cohen


(I'll check if I can find color ferrofluid -- Zvi Devir)

I have some rare earth magnets to play with- Nimrod Rotem


(oops, was somehow omitted in revision 58)

 IP over Semaphore Flags

You might remember last year's (failed) attempt at this project.

This year we're going to try it again with two major changes:

  1. The project's aims are more realistic. There will be no hardware built but we'll use actual people to do the signaling.
  2. Since last year RFC 4824 came out. This RFC specifies a standard for IP transmission over semaphore flags so we'll implement this protocol instead of the proprietary protocol we devised last year.

 The system will include:

  • Two laptops running Linux and the software built for this project.
  • Two pairs of flags.
  • Two to four operators (two if they can send and receive).

Participating: Yuval Sapir

Needed: People who know how to signal using semaphore flags :-)

    Oded Sharon : Don't forget to print out an instruction booklet for the semaphore codes, because i even forgot ham radio Morse Code... 

Materials: A laptop (can be booted to Linux with a live cd), Flags (or at least the knowledge of where to buy them), binoculars for breaking the (local) wifi distance record. 

The Human CPU

The human cpu is a project trying to simulate the work of a cpu using human skills.

Each participant takes the role a single component (register, adder, bus etc.) and together we run a program written specifically for this architecture.

The program we'll run is calculating PI to the sixth sigit.

Participating: Yuval Sapir, Eden Shochat, Gil Shai, Boaz Kantor (weird team combination..)

Needed: People to participate. I'll put up shortly a page to sign up.

     Oded Sharon: I'm in. I can be a half-adder because i don't want to carry anything.  remind me to bring my small portable white-board.

    Raz Berman: I'm in.

    Tal Achituv: I'm in. (if I'll make it to Israel in time)

Materials: Portable white-board. 



What: Send an SMS to your Boiler :
Most of us use electric hot-water boilers, and the
geeks among us use electronic timers to turn their boiler on every morning.
Imagine - a boiler timer controlled by your computer. I already have one at
home (The cost of the hardware is about 25 NIS) and believe me - it\'s
great. Some of the advantages are: 1) program a different time for every day
of the week 2) control the device remotely by: (a) - through the computer -
using a cell phone [sending SMS\'s to ICQ [miranda] triggering a shell
script] (b) - using a web-gui Future additions can be: 1) use online weather
forecasts to determine how long the boiler needs to run (or some feedback
from a temperature sensor or just a light intensity sensor from the solar
panels) The main problem that needs solving here is connecting the computer
to the apparatus, running wires around the house is a problem. I suggest two
solutions: 1) embed an old cellphone into the device... (and control it by
dial-in DTMF or by SMS) 2) use old wireless phones to implement a \'1-bit\'
wireless connection between the two devices... (I\'ve already got the
protocol [kind of] sorted out), and basically the computer will issue a
"find handset" signal - which will trigger the timer. Even if you don\'t
think this project is cool - I think it is important because the solution
that will be developed here is generic and would be able to serve a lot of
future projects which would require cheap-o wireless control of a device. I
know there are other solutions for solving this problem, but they are not as
cheap as what we might achieve here.

Implementing the X10 protocol over the 220v
electricity network in our country allowing a connection to a computer base
control system that eventually will allow you to SMS to your Boiler. Turn on
the light, turn off the light and then turn it on again using an SMS ....

Participating: Tal Achituv, Aviv, Ori Abunil, Menachem Tsuker

Materials / Needed: X10, WiFi, Cellular Modem, but mos of the things we bring with us.
























Having problems mingling?
Keep getting to parties and conferences not knowing anyone?
Everybody seem to chat and you just don`t know how to blend in?

We wish to develop "YouWho!". "YouWho!" can be considered as the electronic version of business card.
Using your own smart device, you broadcast your profile over BlueTooth connection. Simultaneously, you listen to other "YouWho!" participants, and can observe their details.

We plan to get a simple working prototype to the GeekCon so we will actually be able to play with it, and even get it more powerful and fun with your help and ideas.

We could use:
  • GUI designers or people with artistic abilities.
  • Software programmers familiar with Symbian or Windows CE/Mobile OS.
  • Anyone experienced with BlueTooth applications development.
  • Your smart devices!
Participants: Ehud Hogeg, Gilad Zirkel, ...
Materials: victim smart devices running Symbian or Windows CE/Mobile
Possible extention:
A laptop that is in the room and notices two people have exchanged "YouWho!" virtual business cards - looks them up in the GeekCon profile database, and sends them both SMS with possible conversation topics they have in common. Maybe even an MMS with the other person's picture so you'd know who to approach.


Virtual Fireplace

It's a long lonely cold night working on your laptop.
suddenly, your foxy geek better half (hypothetical of course - you're a geek) appears and you need a romantic atmosphere pronto.
Virtual fireplace to the rescue - u plug it to your laptop USB and vualla - fire place with heat and sound
(too bad the girl is on the screen of the computer as well...)

 A chip (ha ha) antenna enhancer
you may no the Cantenna
but how about an antenna enhancer build from 100 cans of Pringles donated by PG for the event (thanks guys !)

The Enigma machine has been used to encrypt messages before and during WWII.
In this project we will build a working model of the Enigma.
Participants: Elad Barkan, Shy Vardi, Dan Atzmon, ...
Materials: If you happen to have or know a keyboard with individual lights for each key let us know.

Recreating the BBS Era
In the early 90's, before the Internet became commonplace, there was another way to communicate, email, share files and chat. People would use their modem to directly call a BBS (Bulletine Board System), and do his stuff there.
We will recreate the 90's in GeekCon.
This projects needs your help in bringing in yours or your friends' BBS from the Boidem (or backups of these systems) any BBS software, knowhow, and hands-on will be happy accepted. Join in now, add yourself in the participants!
Participants: Elad Barkan, ....
Materitals: If you happen to have a working and unused Home/Office Telephone Switch (Mekazia), unused OLD modems, relevant wiring, please let us know.
 Note from Tal Achituv: I have one working telephone switch (4 extentions) and one untested office (panasonic) telephone switch (including operation manual), but I am most likely not going to make it to the event (I'm in L.A.) so please contact me if you want to pick those up [I'm at: tal a-t achituv nekuda c om] 
Ori abunil : I have a 33.600bps dial-up modem if it helps (couldn't find my2400 baud one...) contact me @ :
ori.aba <at> - gmail.com
Nir Berman: I'll should have some 28.8kbps and 36.6kbps modems, as well as wiring, adapters, etc. cotact me at: <myname>@gmail.com.
Oded Sharon: I have a mint condition Apple ][ i'm thinking of bringing. Don't know where the floppies are though. is it TOO OLD ? I also found out that the 1200 analog baud modem was thrown away since i left home. the apple ][ has a serial port i think

Have a cellphone which is an extension of your hand?  Are damn lazy?
Then we have something to offer - the all new cellphone-controls-all hack!
Our realization involves the first two ideas that came into our minds - gaming, and coffee (as REAL geeks we prefer hot chocolate, but we'll make it coffee for you VC's and other serious guys).  You will be able to make coffee and have it agilely driven around the Geekcon complex to you using any cellphone.
Participants: Eran Arbel, Eran Keisar
Needed: Sofa, coffee machine / mechanical finger to press buttons on a coffee vendor

Dancing Motor
Control a Stepper motor with your regular audio mini system.
We got ourselves a few stepper motors, and we were looking for a neat way to put them to use.
They were laying around for so long that it seems appropriate to kick them off with a pirouette!

Using an audio stereo amplifier, a motion program will be stored on an audio CD.

Motion Program : Audio CD
Motion Controller : Discman
Motor Driver : Stereo Amplifier
Stepper Motor : As Himself
Original Score : Hot Stepper by Ini Kamoze

Chief Choreographer : Adi Grossman
Head Hedonist : Omri Shacham
Costume Design : You?
Needed : Audio Mini System.

 Steps for Shirts

We will be using the Steppo platform (see image below) to design a new game on GeekCon's first day.
The game should (and will) be:
1. Fun
2. Competitive.
3. Funny
4. Make people do silly things!
On GeekCon's 2nd day you are invited to dare, play and win your own personal official GeekCon T-Shirt.
(Due to pupular demand, last year takeaways and rigorous analysis of the subject matter, we will also have xtra-small shirts this year!)
The team includes Ron & Hila from Carmel Ventures, Shahar from HIT (Steppo designer) and Liad from Semingo.
We are looking for creative (crazy?) minds to join our think tank for the design of ultimate silly game of 2007!
  • Gilad Zirkel - If you need I can help with Flash, I even have some sources of old Flash games I have designed.

 The "Virtual Zula"


The Virtual Zula (Hebrew slang for hangout place) is highly immersive experience based on 3 Stereo projectors, Geo-Specific graphics engine and Bio-Feedback sensors.

Our target is to monitor the victims (AKA players) emotions in real time and use it to navigate in virtual reality space.


Participating: Yoram Avidan, Vered Shachaf, Eyal Hershko, Gilli Cegla

Special Thanks : Doron Friedman


Liquid Strategy Daytrader (LSD)

The serene alternative to hectic trading rooms.  Watch the soothing motion of the blobs rising and falling in the

lava lamp in sync with the swings of the foreign exchange markets. A big blob rises to the top? That's a 'buy'.

Trades with real money, of course.



Participants: Oren Tirosh, Kobi Sambrano




Funky Business (cards)

Packing my apartment I just found  i have about 1,000 business cards from an old job. 

Can anyone help me find a geeky usage for them ? 

for example : "Can you build a business like a deck of (business) cards ?" . Worst case scenario - we can just blow them up. 

Bring your own old business cards.

Use them to build a masive "card tower"- Nimrod Rotem

Old Cards Owners : Oded Sharon, Boaz Kantor

Synesthetic Aspirations

Synesthesia - a mix between senses.
"Hearing Colors and Tasting Sounds"

 Someone with synesthesia drew a musical piece by Tchaikovsky

Our stab at creating a real time visual creation out of sound...
Imagine Michal Levy's GIANT STEPS happening live!

Michal will play her Saxophone, and her playing (pitch, time, rhythm, movement etc.) will create visuals in real time. The visuals might influence Michal's playing...

We will search for different visual languages and mappings that will make the experience inspiring both for the player and for the audience. 

The audience might have a chance to interact and influence as well.

We seek interesting ideas for additional output channels...
Anyone got a SMOKE MACHINE? other ideas?

Participating: Roee Kremer, Michal Levy, Michal Rinott



 Connected Visualizations


We will attempt to take some music visualization engine, such as MilkDrop (http://www.nullsoft.com/free/milkdrop/) and hack it to opena porthole that exposes the internals of it's presets and settings to a remote application / connection. This will allow us to connect to a multitude of open APIs and devices. Examples can include:

  • Incoming / Outgoing Ethernet Packets
  • Connection to WiiMote
  • Connection to Digg API
  • Just about anything else

Participating: Dan Shechter, Tal Muskal

Lego Race Car

Trying to build a Lego car that is faster than me using 3 powerful Lego engines

Building The Car

Putting the Engines in

Racing it


Virtual Air Hockey


Finally you can play your favorite game anywhere that you want, all you need is a projector and a web cam.

The game contents and physics are virtual and projected on the wall, while the players play with their hands to hit the puck and protect their gates. The players hand movement are received by the webcam and the PC is analyzing the location of the players from the frames.


Watch it in action: 




Shachar Tal, Ram Nathaniel,  Boaz Kantor, Zvi Devir,  Yuval Sapir, Ori Hanegby.


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